A Guide to Growing Herbs in the Average Backyard

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If you want to grow herbs such as parsley, oregano, rosemary, basil or thyme than here is how to do it the way it was mint. “Herbs should come from the earth not from a plastic container” -Ron

To start you need to buy the seeds. Its important to get good quality seeds that are not too old. After choosing your seeds put the seeds in warm water in order for the seeds to sprout faster.

Then, you you need to decide where to grow them at. Its important to pick a spot with at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day. If you have poor soil or not enough room than you should consider planting in a pot or some sort of a container. If your only problem is that you have poor soil than you should add some rich organic soil or some peat moss. Or you can add compost from a compost pile. If using compost make sure that the compost contains no decaying animals or it could spread harmful bacteria.

Next, sprinkle the seeds an inch or so apart in a small circle. Than, cover the pre-soaked seeds with one forth inch or soil, compost or potting mix. Make sure you water it enough but not to much. There should be a bunch of sprouts close together. Choose the biggest and helthyist looking sprout and leave it alone. All the rest you should pull up.

This is about all there is to it, but no what? Once the leaves are full and a dark green than you can pluck them of. Once you have them you can eat them fresh witch is the best. Lots of people eat fresh herbs on pizza or my favorite hole wheat pasta. If you are a vegan like me than you can still make pizza. Just take a whole wheat crust add some sause or salsa than cover it with full basil and parsley leafs and pop in the oven for a few minuets. If its pasta than you can saut� some garlic and onions in olive oil than pour it over whole wheat rotini or penne and add some chopped up herbs ans fresh ground black pepper. To go to the next notch than cover some whole wheat bread with the same saut� mixture and put in the oven toast and don’t forget the herbs.

It you need to store it than you can freeze it or dry it. To dry it put a towel on a cookie sheet out in the sun. Finally you are ready to enjoy fresh herbs on anything that needs some extra flavor!