Antibiotic Herbs: What Pharmacies Don't Want to Talk About

We all have heard that our bodies are building up a resistance to antibiotic, This news is not new. But have we thought of the consequence of what would happen if we had built up a Resistance to all antibiotics? Vancomycinis used in the treatment of infections caused by Gram positive bacteria. It has been hailed as a "last resort drug" used only after other antibiotic treatment has failed. Right now Health authorities are requesting that antibiotic use be stopped in animals, One report said that 20 percent of meat tests conclude that they were antibiotic resistant.

Antibodies are used in animals in our food chain, to heal infection. They are also sprayed on fruit trees to treat and prevent infection . There are traces of antibiotics that do remain, and when they enter our food chain it could be antibiotic resistant bacteria traveling right into our supermarkets.

Decreasing your risk for immunity : When sick enough to visit the doctor, ask if antibiotics are needed or if another treatment would produce the same results. Maybe just some orange juice and rest will help until the sickness has ran its course. Decreasing your use of antibiotics when not needed, will help you not develop immunities to antibiotics. Washing meat and fruit thoroughly before eating and cooking will help stop the transfer of resistant bacteria in your own home.

Some great natural remedy's that have very good antibiotic property's, and through studies have shown they are less likely to develop resistance to illness are:

Oil Of Oregano- It has been studied and found very effective against drug resistant strains of Staphylococcus, and even out performed some of the major brand name prescription antibiotics.

Elderberry Flower oil- This oil treats upper respiratory disorders, hay fever and bronchial infections.

Black Elderberry- this has been hailed as a great herb for flu, colds and coughs

Astragalus- A Chinese remedy for boasting immune support. This helps in preventing illness.

Echinacea- This also boasts a healthy immune system

Eucalyptus Oil- This is a very strong decongestant and is hailed as a great for sore throats and respiratory problems.

White Willow Bark Extract- This is being used as an alternative to aspirin, and lot of people swear by it.

I am not a doctor, and I am not saying stop taking antibiotics. Just weigh the pro's and con's for yourself. My family uses natural remedy's, and when the doctor highly recommends antibiotics we take them.