Benefits of herbs in relation with fertility

In the age of chemicals and synthetic substances, locating herbs to increase fertility is a blessing in disguise and this blessing should be enjoyed by everyone. Although herbs have been used in various cultures such as the Chinese and Indian culture since time immemorial, herbs have gained popularity since a few decades due to the health problems associated with unnatural methods of treatment. Since herbs have been used for many thousands of years the benefits of herbs are well known and these herbs are tested and tried and most herbs are safe to use.

Herbs can be used for a variety of health issues and increasing fertility or treating infertility is one of the common uses of herbs. Listed below are herbs that can help a man and woman increase fertility and treat fertility issues.

Herbs to increase male fertility 

Asian Ginseng is the most common herb that is used for increasing fertility as Ginseng has aphrodisiac properties and Ginseng increases the sperm count and firmness of an erection. Ginseng also increases sperm mobility and can also increase testosterone levels.

Astragalus is a plant native to Asia and has been used by the Chinese since a long time to increase sperm count and sperm mobility.

Herbs to increase female fertility 

Red Clover Blossoms is considered the most effective herb for women since the high vitamin content of this herb enhances the health of the uterus. The calcium and magnesium in this herb relax the nervous system which also helps in increasing fertility. Since this herb has nearly every trace mineral needed by the reproductive organs, daily use of this herb can help regularizing the menstruation cycle and relieve any menstruation problems. Red Clover is high in vitamins, minerals, magnesium and calcium and this herb creates an alkalizing effect inside your body which makes your body sperm friendly. Red clover in combination with peppermint is considered to have added health benefits. A concoction of Red clover and Raspberry leaves is considered the ultimate health drink to promote fertility in women.

Raspberry leaf is another popular herb that can show significant improvement in women. The extract of Raspberry leaves is considered an effective uterine tonic and the calcium content of Raspberry leaves is high in calcium.

Dong Quai, Nettle Leaves, False Unicorn Roots and Damiana are other herbs that can help boost fertility in women and should be considered while choosing the right herb or herbal product for you.

Growing your own herbs can be more beneficial than buying readymade concoctions and products as the person growing the herbs is sure that he is consuming a pure form of the herb, however if the person does not know how to take the herbs or as limited space or time then the next best option would be to buy these herbs or herbal products from an online store or a herbal practitioner.

Although herbs have no known side effects, one should take these herbs with caution as these herbs cause various changes in the body and may cause an adverse reaction if taken in combination with alcohol and certain drugs.