Liberal Alternative to the Tea Party – The Other 95%

What's with all the anger? That's what members of The Other 95% want to know about the Tea Party Movement. Members of this new political group point out to disgruntled Tea Partiers that 95% of Americans received added tax cuts this year thanks in part to the Obama administration.

The Motivation Behind The Other 95%

The Other 95% was founded as a response to the conservative-leaning Tea Party movement who claims that Americans are overtaxed and government is becoming too big. Tea Party members have voiced a strong dislike of federal government during their Tea Party Express rallies, which took place across America and in Washington, D.C. on tax day April, 15th.

According to a recent CBS News/ New York Times Poll, only 12% of Americans believed their taxes decreased, even though close to 95% of all Americans saw their taxes go down this year. Another 53% believed their taxes stayed the same, while 24% thought they had increased.

Who did see a tax increase this year? Anyone who made over $250,000 dollars annually probably saw their taxes increase or possibly stay the same.

The Other 95% Responds to the Tea Party Express

The Other 95% organized a small counter-rally to protest the Tea Party Express on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Donning patriotic shirts and signs that read, "The Other 95% say thanks for our tax cuts, Obama!", the group hoped to bring attention to the 25 separate tax cuts that Obama signed into law since his inauguration.

Though the group aims to diffuse anger over taxes, it does not paint the Tea Partiers with a broad brush. On their website, the group writes that "tea party members are not monolithic" and some want to "express their outrage about Wall Street bailouts" and "massive tax breaks to global corporations and the very rich." The Other 95% claims to support these legitimate concerns. The group's main goal is to accurately depict the tax burden and to promote a responsible tax system.

Find More Information on The Other 95% and Federal Income Tax Cuts

The group is creating a growing presence online with their website, Visitors to the site can find tax information, links to articles, information on events and pictures of rallies. The group's Facebook page also provides information and the opportunity to get involved with the organization.