Natural Cures For Anxiety

Anxiety is hard to diagnose, and is a condition that is just as hard to properly treat. Generally, anxiety is defined as excessive fear or worry that results in physical side effects such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Often, these symptoms match many other diseases, and anxiety patients must be tested for several other maladies before the doctor will conclude on an anxiety disorder.

Treating Anxiety

Western medical professionals often prescribe tranquilizers and anti-depressants for anxiety. These are problematic, because they most often cause lifetime dependencies on the drug. There has been much controversy in the medical community in recent years related to the prescription of these drugs in relation to stress-related disorders such as anxiety.

Those wishing to avoid strong drugs with life-long side effects often look to more natural cures for anxiety. Psychotherapy has been shown to help reduce anxiety to bearable levels in many patients, and should be considered before taking any drugs. Also, relaxation activities such as yoga meditation diminish anxiety, and are a common alternative to medication.

Those looking for herbal remedies for anxiety have a number of choices. Most anti-anxiety herbs are taken as infusions or teas, since the hot water is soothing by itself. Herbs chosen to fight anxiety include lemon balm and passion flower, in addition to chamomile and valerian. Lavender baths and oils are also known to fight anxiety. A healthy, balanced diet is also recommended.