Obama Agenda, "Racist" Charges Addressed at New Orleans Tea Party

The Greater New Orleans Tea Party held its second annual Tax Day Rally on April 15, 2010. The rally featured several speakers including Skip Patterson, a founder of The Greater New Orleans Tea Party, and Andre Harper, author of the book “Political Emancipation – Observations of a Black Man Who Rejected Liberal Indoctrination.”

Greater New Orleans Tea Party President Mary Kass told the crowd that Tea Party members “don’t agree on any one issue, but are united in what they see happening to their republic – the abasement of the U.S. Constitution, the widespread corruption, … and government inserting its tentacles into our communities and homes.”

Patterson and Harper spoke about the agenda of President Obama and about attempts to discredit the Tea Party as racist.

The Agenda of Obama

Harper told the crowd “The goal of a community organizer on the left is not to empower people to live prosperous and free lives. The goal of a community organizer on the left is to seize control of the government. Once they take control then they confiscate and redistribute the wealth of a nation. Rahm Emanuel admitted that Obama needs chaos in order to accomplish their goals. He said we won’t let this crisis go to waste. They need high unemployment, they need hunger, and they need to fan the flames of class warfare.”

Patterson said that the doctrine of class warfare is Dialectic Materialism, a Marxist tenant developed by Engles and Lenin. Patterson said “They set people against each other on the basis of some contrived difference and use that conflict to manufacture a demand to expand government powers to resolve the conflict. … Health Care Reform is a perfect example. What the founders would have said is ‘well Romney Care has failed disastrously in Massachusetts, so let’s not repeat that failure.’ Instead what Obama, Reid and Pelosi say is if we force this failed system on the entire nation then we’ll have lots of people fighting each other over resources and once it fails people will ask the government to take over. … Everyone will know deep in their hearts that if they speak out too much against the government, they might be denied health care.”

Harper told the crowd, “Liberals are going to use the IRS to find out whether or not you have health insurance and then they’re going to fine you if you don’t.” Dr. Glenn Dubroc said the Health Care legislation “reeks of Socialism.”

Harper said “Liberals will tell you to work hard and achieve as long as you stay where they want you to stay. When you exceed their financial limitations and their boundaries, they’re going to demonize you for being rich and then they’re going to try and take it all from you through the heavy hand of the tax code. Then they’re going to take the money that you’ve made and give it to others who may not have chosen to make the same sacrifices you have.”

Harper told the crowd, “Rules for Radicals is the Obama playbook; it is the Democrat playbook. When you understand Alinsky, then everything you see coming out of the mainstream media, everything you see coming out of Capital Hill, everything you see coming from the White House, will be crystal clear. … Alinsky drew his inspiration from Communists.”

Patterson said, “As anyone who has read Alinsky knows, fighting each other is what it is all about for Progressives. And there is one thing they really love us fighting over – race.”

"Racist" Charge Addressed

Harper said there is a concerted effort on the part of the main stream media to discredit the Tea Party movement as racist. Patterson explained why Tea Partiers are not racists. He said “We believe in the integrity, freedom, and responsibility of the individual. Racism is a form of collectivism. Collectivist philosophies say some group of people have more rights and should be more privileged than another group of people based on some criteria. … The Constitution doesn’t recognize the rights of groups. … Individuals have rights. Collectivism ultimately seeks to find one group of people to steel from kill or enslave and give to another group of people. We are the exact opposite. We believe in the sanctity of the individual. … The reason we’re not racist is because we believe in the individual.”

However, Harper said, to Liberals, black people are a monolithic voting block. “Democrats expect black people to support their cause, regardless and then they assassinate the character of those that don’t. … If God wanted people to think with their skin, then he would have put it inside of our skulls.” Harper called on Democrats to take racist names like 'Uncle Tom” out of their vocabulary.

Harper told the crowd, “Our founders had this crazy idea to create a country where the leaders served the people instead of the people serving the leaders. … Today we have a Congress that is determined to encroach on our daily lives, raise our taxes, and require us to work harder to pay for their alleged benevolence. … [Our Founding Fathers] understood the addictive nature of power. In 2010 we’re seeing their worst fears come to pass – Health Care, Cap and Trade, Card Check, the ‘un-Fairness Doctrine.’ Remember when government expands, freedom contracts.”

Harper concluded by saying “Freedom and opportunity must be protected. … Stand up against Communism. Stand up against Socialism. Stand up for the Tea Party Movement. Stand up for the United States of America. … God Bless the United States of America!"