Review of Gaia Herbs

If you are a natural health guru or professional, you have most likely heard of Gaia Herbs. Even if it is a new interest of yours, you may have heard the name, but were not sure what makes this company different from the dozens of other natural supplement brands out there. This article was written to explain the difference of Gaia Herbs.

Gaia Herbs, founded in 1987 and located in North Carolina, produces some of the best herbal supplements and products available on the market today. Currently, their location has a 250 acre farm which is certified organic and includes all of the necessary equipment to grow, process, test, and ship their herbal products.

What this means is there is no shipping from the growing location, to some warehouse, to a testing facility, and then to another warehouse for packing and shipping. The products are grown on and shipped from the same location, loosing none of their potency. This is a problem to consider when purchasing herbal products, because they do have a shorter shelf life than synthetic products. Gaia Herbs maintains a very high standard for quality and freshness, understanding that the longer a product is "in transit", the less potent and effective it will be when purchased.

Ric Scalzo, founder of Gaia Herbs, has over 25 years of experience in herbal medicine. He has become an expert on the cultivation of herbs, extraction processes, and herbal uses and therapies. He studied herbal medicine at the School of Natural Healing w as a clinical herbalist in a New England medical center before beginning his company.

Gaia Herbs products are made with no synthetic ingredients or materials, the capsules are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients, and the cartons these products are packaged in 100% recycled material.

Most Gaia Herbs products come in liquid "extract" form, with droppers attached to the tops for dosage purposes, but there is also the Liquid-Phtyo capsules of most of their compounds for convenience. Many of their products are formulated with multiple herbs for the same purpose, such as healthy immune systems or allergy relief, but if you prefer to take individual herbs, they also have a line of single herb extracts. Any herb you can think of, they do carry, and their website has a store locator to find their products near you.

I wouldn't say that Gaia Herbs is the best in the natural health business, but it is a company I trust based on experience and practices. The prices are average for both their single herb extracts and their compounds, though I would pay more for the quality if necessary. When integrating herbs for increased natural health, it is a very good idea to not only investigate the herbs and their purposes, but also the company from which you buy them. Be sure you are getting 100% natural, and that the supplements are as fresh as possible so you aren't wasting money on a less potent version of the herb.