Health Benefits When Guys Don't Listen to Girls

Girls always complain that guys don’t listen. It’s not that we don’t, it’s that we stop. Eventually a guy will realize the benefits that not listening to a girl will have on his health. You can view these Top Secret reasons why guys don’t listen to girls here.

I’m the type of guy that listens to every word that comes out of my girlfriend’s mouth. Even if I don’t want to, I can’t help it; she just draws all my attention.

While driving around today, it hit me; I’m stressed out because I listen! I listen too much and try to hard. Heck, most of the time she doesn’t listen because she’s annoyed about the shape of the moon. I finally made the decision, if I’m stressed and tired of listening, I’m just not going to listen. This is why it is healthier when guys don’t listen to girls.

The reason why when a guy doesn’t listen to a girl is beneficial to the relationship is simple. Girls want an “equal” relationship but still want the guy to follow his role. This is a point which after a certain amount of time, all guys will become fed up with and bring up. When we bring this up is when our health begins to deteriorate; it’s true what they say about men dieing earlier because their married to a woman. And now we begin to ignore our girlfriends because, well, it has its immediate health benefits on our lives.

When a guy feels like he’s being treated unfairly he will begin to “change” and the relationship will start going downhill. Every little thing the guy does will tick off the girl while everything that the girl does will tick off the guy.

How do we prevent this? By the guy not listening to the girl! It’s that simple. I’m not talking about all the time, but sometimes, when it’s not “that important.” This helps the guy relax and calm down which in turn allows him to absorb more of the girl’s absurdities. In return, the relationship benefits and continues to prosper.

For example, I went to pick up my girlfriend from the mall. I’m trying to get her relaxed and enjoy spending time with her. But no, from the first second, she starts running her mouth about the same things she was talking about yesterday. I honestly do care about how her day went and want to hear the details, but I’m fed up with listening to the same complaint over and over, day in and day out. This was driving me insane enough to pull over on the highway and kiss her so she shuts her mouth. That’s when I decided to stop listening.

When I stopped listening, I felt better. Along with feeling better, I didn’t say something “stupid”, which in actuality is something she will agree with 5 minutes later, and start a fight. And thus, when a guy doesn’t listen to his girlfriend, it in the end benefits the relationship in the long run.

NOTE: This article does not necessarily express my actual view on the subject. It was also not intended to be advice on a relationship so please do not try it, your girlfriend will catch on which in turn will take a turn for the worst. This was intended to be a unique view to show how it truly can benefit a relationship. Please remember that she is a female and reasoning is not a good reason. Yes, I read it. Also, you probably do this to her ten times worse than she does to you.